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Rapid Recovery from Mobile Phone Radiation

After the initial testing on plants, we decided to run EEG tests on the human brain.
The methodology was the following: The subjects were asked to conduct an EEG test. Afterwards, they were asked to listen to the 2 minute voicemail on their phones. The subjects were asked not to speak during this stage of the experiment. The EEG tests showed an increase in the accepted response range within the 2 minutes of listening to the voicemail via the mobile phone. The subjects were then asked to consume coherent water. The follow-up EEG test showed that the negative effects of mobile phones rapidly decreased and the response levels quickly reached the normal levels. When testing the subjects that were asked to consume regular water, the negative effect persisted much longer.
Rapid Recovery from Mobile Phone Radiation
Brain Activity on Alzheimer's Disease Patient
This study showed that much more research in non-thermal effect of 4G and 5G networks is needed for this technology to be acknowledged as safe for the humans and the environment.
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