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Somarka full spectrum coherent water tube is a tool which transforms regular tap water into its supercharged, full-spectrum, coherent state. In regular tap water, H2O molecules move in a chaotic and irregular manner. Through a simple process, Somarka water tube radically changes the state of water by rearranging the H2O molecules into a liquid crystalline structure. That structure, and its stability, has a remarkable influence on all living things.
Somarka coherent water tube consists of a slender quartz crystal tube that contains our proprietary full spectrum coherent water. Please refer to for usage instructions.
No, they will protect the Somarka Coherent Water Tube in a similar manner. The difference is only in aesthetics. Be aware, the quartz crystal water tube is very fragile. It will most certainly break if it falls on a hard surface, whether it’s in the case or outside of it. Keep it in a very safe and secure environment.
Full spectrum coherent water is water that is in alignment with harmonic or biological systems. Imagine that all the molecules in ordinary water are moving in a chaotic manner, and now they are made to move in a structured order. For a mental image, visualise how a diffused light wave can be concentrated into a laser that can even cut through materials. This process is somewhat similar, but with water.
Coherent water carries a certain energy. This water responds to positive and natural energy from outside, for example moving in tune with the lunar cycle. For another visual metaphor, have you seen how if a tuning fork moves, the other fork starts resonating? Coherent water behaves in the same way with the natural energy of the moon and the sun. Furthermore, our coherent water stays stable in this mode with time and does not revert to the chaotic mode.
For years. We tested the water, treated only once, years later, and it still held its structure and its efficiency. This is why we guarantee performance for two years.
Does this treatment method use any chemicals
Coherent water does not deal with the pH levels of water. Hence it has no linkage to ionised or alkaline water. Instead, coherent water deals with the alignment of water molecules in a certain “crystalline” fashion and the way it carries energy.
No, coherent water treatment is not a method of filtration and does not remove microbes. Likewise, it does not affect any dissolved salts or fluorides either. So, the properties of hard or soft water are unaffected by our treatment. Users would need to use their own discretion on filtration based on the quality of the source water.
We have developed this method of converting water to its coherent state after over twelve years of research and studies. We have conducted several experiments and tests to assess the effects of coherent water on biological systems. Our tests have consistently shown positive results and benefits from using coherent water versus normal water. The results have been seen both in plants and vegetables as well as in humans. Tests have also shown benefits in bricks and cement mortars, in terms of water usage efficiency and structural strength. For more details, you can refer to our Science page
Somarka full spectrum coherent water has unique features unlike any other technology or provider. We rely purely on natural sources of energy to alter the state of water, with no use of any external programming using magnets, or silicon or glass or information feeding. Somarka water is full-spectrum water, it has a unique structure. Its particular structure has a powerful influence on all living things which have been proved through many different studies over the years. Secondly, Somarka coherent water remains stable over time. Most of the structured waters lose their stability within 5 minutes to a couple of hours. Somarka water holds its stability through the years, even though it is treated just once. Even when exposed to disturbances such as strong mobile radiation, the water structure returns to its coherent state in a short period.
Take the Somarka water tube out of the case and immerse the tube in the room temperature water. If you are using a regular glass (~250 ml), swirl the Somarka water tube through the water for around 15-20 seconds. If you are using a water jug of 1 litre, swirl the Somarka water tube for at least 30-40 seconds. After use, wipe off the water drops from the Somarka water tube (with a cloth or a paper towel) and put it back in its case. You can use the ratios above to calculate the time of swirling for any larger or smaller quantity of water.
Somarka Coherent Water Tube contains what we call “the mother water”. It is the water of extreme coherence and electromagnetic power. As soon as any H2O molecules come in close proximity to it they begin to rearrange into a liquid crystalline structure.
It is preferable to apply our water treatment after the RO filtration, so that any disturbances to the structure of water during the filtration process are addressed by the coherent water treatment prior to your usage.
Yes, boiling does affect the structure of water, however our tests show that our treated water returns to its stable coherent state within around twenty minutes. Hence, we recommend that the treatment be done after the water is boiled and cooled.
Yes, coherent water retains its properties irrespective of the material of the bottle or storage device. However, we advise usage of glass or steel or copper bottles instead of plastic. This is due to other factors related to the risk of toxins leaching into water from certain types of plastic.
Our water retains its properties and stays stable over time. However, the safety of the water depends on the quality of the bottle material, and other factors such as bacterial growth in water.
It is not mandatory to expose the Somarka water tube to the sunlight but it is recommended.

In the years of studying the water, we found out a great connection between the water and the sun. The water on our planet changes electromagnetically every single day depending on the position of Earth towards the Sun. We have seen that exposure to direct sunlight strengthens the water.

If you live in an area where the sun is abundant expose the Somarka water tube to direct sunlight (not through the window) for a couple of minutes every few days.
Somarka Coherent Water Tube needs to be protected from falling, shaking, or being damaged in any way. It is very fragile, so keep it safe and stored in a secured place, preferably always in its protective case.
No, DO NOT try to open the tube because you will not be able to use it anymore. Somarka water tube is intended exclusively for CREATING coherent water. After you treat the water with Somarka water tube you can use it any way you need.
We repeatedly tested Somarka water tube in many ways and it never lost its ability to structure the water. Somarka water tube is extremely stable, it stays in its coherent state virtually forever. We have tested it for effectiveness after many years and it works as intended. However, for purposes of performance guarantee, we provide that for a period of two years, which is the period that we tested it for.
Yes, it is more than recommended. We had many people report many beneficial changes in the growth, size, quality, and yield of fruit, vegetables, and plants.
Yes, all animals drinking Somarka water tube water will have the same beneficial effects as humans.
Yes, water treated with Somarka Coherent Water Tube can be used by children of any age.
Yes, just make sure that you don’t immerse Somarka water tube in hot liquid.
We do not recommend it. Hot liquid can cause glass breakage. Just use Somarka water tube before you heat the water.
Yes, you can use Somarka water tube on any drinkable liquid. Please avoid usage in either very hot or very cold liquids.
Yes, it can be used with any kind of room temperature drinkable water.
Yes, but please put it in your check-in luggage to be extra cautious. Don’t take it with you in your carry-on luggage because airport security does not allow any liquids in the aeroplane and may force you to leave it behind. Also, be sure that you place it within the soft clothes so that the tube is additionally protected.
We tested water treated with the Somarka Coherent Water Tube in many ways through exposure to radiation to see whether it will lose its structure and go back to chaos and it didn’t. Once treated it stays in the state of coherence for years.
There are no external detrimental influences (that we are aware of) that degrade the structure and efficiency of Somarka water tube water. X rays and scans will not affect Somarka water tube in any way.
Currently, the Somarka Coherent Water Tube is available for purchase. You can buy from
Somarka Coherent Water Tube
Yes, the product is available all over India where courier or postal services are accessible. If you have specific questions about your location, please write to
Yes, the Somarka product is the same as the Analemma product. Analemma is the brand name used for our full-spectrum, coherent water in Europe and USA regions. The parent company (in Netherlands) and the underlying technology are the same for both Somarka and Analemma
Currently, Somarka full spectrum coherent water is available in select countries of the world. Please write to us at to get more details.
For Americas and Europe, please visit Analemma site for placing your orders.  
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