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Quick, Easy & Healthy

With Somarka Coherent Water Tube, supercharge your water to make it
healthy, stable and full of energy.
Portable, can be used at home and during travel
User-friendly, loved by our users
Can be used in water bottles, or any containers for drinking
Safe and Clean to use
Full Spectrum Coherent Water

Somarka Coherent Water Pipe Fit

This device can be fit onto pipes so that all water flowing into the device is converted into coherent water on its way out. This has wide applications for use in household water inlets, for irrigation water lines in agriculture as well as some industrial applications.
Somarka Coherent Water Pipe Fit
Somarka Coherent Water Custom Installations

Somarka Coherent water Custom Installations

Somarka coherent water installations can also be developed on a customized basis for large-scale usage such as water body remediation, soil regeneration and usage in large institutions. These installations will be designed and developed by our experts after due consultations.
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