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Energy in Food Grown

Impact on energy properties and health of vegetables

We conducted scientific experiments to measure the effect of coherent water on tomato plants. The energy properties of tomatoes grown in a standard soil with untreated tap water (Control) were compared to tomatoes grown in the same standard soil with tap water converted to coherent water (Treated).
The measurements were done using the techniques of delayed luminescence and spontaneous ultra-weak photon emission measurements.
Significant differences in the energy storage capacity, reflected by the higher delayed luminescence of the treated tomatoes, were found. Growing tomatoes with treated tap water led to tomatoes with a higher spontaneous ultra-weak photon emission, a phenomenon directly linked to mitochondrial activity. This strongly suggests a higher degree of coherence and slower biological aging of the tomato plants grown with treated water, i.e full spectrum coherent water




Coherent Water Experiment Setup

coherent experiment water setup

Dark Sample Chamber of the Photon Measurement System

Dark sample chamber of the photon measurement system


somarka coherent water tube

Average Spontaneous Emission (SE) intensity for the two watering methods (Control & Treated)

somarka coherent water tube

Average SE intensities for the three soil treatments (O, M1, M2) per watering method. No further feeding substances (O), (b) additional feeding with bacteria plus supplement (M1), and (c) additional feeding with bacteria plus milk (M2)

Another Study

In another study, we tested for the impact of full spectrum coherent water on organically grown vegetables. The general belief is that organic treatment is healthy for fruits and vegetables. Our study was done to check for incremental impact, if any, due to coherent water treatment. The study was done in an organic farm where the organic farming method had been practiced already for over 15 years. The vegetables were then measured with Near Infra-Red (NIR), Raman, Ultra Violet-Visual (UV-VIS) spectroscopy and biophoton measurements. After two years of treatment with our water, the vegetables receiving the coherent water showed much higher levels of energy, as seen from all parts of the measurement.
somarka coherent water tube

Organic carrot 3D scatterplot : prediction of growth condition with UV-VIS, NIR & Raman combined

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