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Somarka’s Crystal Tube Brings To India Full Spectrum Coherent Water

The coherent water concept is completely new in India and is being launched through Somarka. This technology brings a radical innovation in an extremely user-friendly package, i.e. your water can be transformed into coherent water with just a few swirls of our crystal tube.
As humanity faces unprecedented challenges in terms of health and wellbeing, we need to be thankful to individuals and entities who are lending a helping hand with their pioneering scientific research and solutions. Somarka is one such name that can be credited for making one of the most path-breaking scientific discoveries in the field of health and wellness.
Water and Light Applications India Private Limited is making this possible with its revolutionary product – Somarka Coherent Water Tube, based on more than a decade of extensive scientific research and experiments. The company was formed in 2019 and is headquartered in Mumbai. We got a chance to interact with Mr. Madhusudan Rajagopalan, CEO, Water and Light Applications, that brings to India – Somarka Coherent Water Tube.

The coherent water sector in India in general and Somarka’s outlook for the next two years

The coherent water concept is completely new in India and is being launched through Somarka. This technology brings a radical innovation in an extremely user-friendly package, i.e. your water can be transformed into coherent water with just a few swirls of our crystal tube.
The aspect of the water structure and its impact on health is an emerging space. It holds immense potential, especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has heightened consumer sensitivity towards general health, wellness and immunity. Studies have shown that full-spectrum, coherent water has the potential to unleash the body’s rejuvenating powers, thereby strengthening immunity naturally. As more and more consumers awaken to the reality that is just changing their water can substantially enhance their health, the coherent water market is set to explode.
The immediate audience for drinking water consumers is the base that is already using some form of water purification technologies, given their relative awareness levels of the importance of water. We are approaching this market both via retail as well as through b2b collaborations with bottling plants. Coherent water also has substantial applications in farming – given the benefits seen in plant health, yields and soil quality – and we have plans to tap this market as well. Over the next few years, we expect our growth to be exponentially high as more customers become aware of this technology and its proven benefits.

Tap water treated with Somarka vs RO water treated with Somarka

Somarka Coherent Water Tube works equally well on tap water or RO water. It is important to understand that Somarka does not remove physical or chemical impurities from the water (like a conventional water filter). It just changes the structure of water so that the water attains its coherent state or the natural liquid crystalline state of water. Hence, Somarka tubes should be used to treat water that is fit for consumption.

Target groups and positioning

Since we are dealing with a basic need such as water, Somarka technology is relevant to all beyond any boundaries.
However, from a commercial launch standpoint, we focus on consumer segments that are discerning about their general health. Consumers with an orientation towards holistic health approaches are more likely to appreciate the value brought by innovations such as Somarka. In the farming sector, we are targeting farmers oriented towards natural farming or organic farming methods.
Somarka technology represents a revolutionary approach to treating water, with technology that has been developed in the Netherlands. This technology is aligned to supporting natural health and is good for the integrated health of the entire biological ecosystem. Further, it is complementary to prevalent methods of water purification. Hence our positioning focuses on the health benefits from regular consumption of Somarka coherent water.

Pricing, retail channel details and competitors

Our product has a standard price of Rs 12,990, consistent with the global price of US$180. This is for one unit of Somarka Coherent Water Tube – which is to be bought once and can be used for a lifetime, with no expiry or a need for replacement (except in case of damages). However, as part of the introductory launch phase, the product is currently priced at Rs 8000/- to encourage greater adoption.

The product is available online from our website ( The company is in the process of stitching tie-ups with distributors so that the product is available offline as well.

As far as we are aware, there are no other similar products available in

India.Somarka’s impact on immunity and growth of children

Somarka changes the structure of water to a liquid crystalline state, which stays stable in that structure once treated. We have seen the impact of this on immunity through a cutting-edge study called the Glycanage test.
GlycanAge is a scientific method of testing a person’s biological age based on the state of the immune system and inflammation. The test consisted of healthy volunteers. They first did the baseline test to determine their biological age. Then all the volunteers drank the coherent water for three months (at least a litre a day) without any other daily routine changes. As a result, almost every single participant’s biological age was reduced by 1-12 years! In other words, their entire immune system underwent an overhaul.
In a survey among early users of the Somarka product, over 70% of the users reported that they noticed their immunity and health to be better, i.e. they fell ill much lesser than before; over 70% reported that their digestion had improved, and over 70% said that they felt calmer and less anxious after they started drinking Somarka water regularly. Furthermore, over 80% noticed that Somarka coherent water tasted fresher (or sweeter) than regular water.
The water is safe for children and everyone else to consume. Consumption of coherent water has benefits for immunity and general health. We have not studied the impact on growth for us to offer a comment. However, we can say that regular consumption of Somarka water has a beneficial effect on the health of internal systems.
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