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How Somarka Coherent Water Tube is improving lives of its consumers: Survey Report

Did you know that 99% of your molecules are water? We generally believe that we are 70% water. While that is true in terms of body mass, at a molecular level, the salience of water is much higher! The quality of our water directly influences the quality of our life.

The gap in the market

Scientists have discovered that the structure of water has a key role in determining its quality. In fact, double Nobel laureate, Linus Pauling said that water rearranges its molecular arrangement to encode, transmit, and integrate new information, similar to storing ‘memory’. In most available water these days, the H2O molecules move chaotically and crash into each other. Since this happens at a microscopic level, we are not aware of this. When the same molecules are arranged in a liquid crystalline structure, the water changes its properties and has a profound influence on life. Water in its liquid crystalline state is also referred to as full spectrum coherent water.

The solution!

After over 13 years of research, two scientists in Netherlands developed a method to transform regular water into this full-spectrum coherent water through a simple device, marketed as the Somarka Coherent Water Tube. Somarka is a clear quartz crystal tube filled with a special “Mother Water” that transforms regular water into a supercharged, full spectrum, coherent state. When brought into proximity with normal water, the Somarka device causes chaotic and irregular H2O molecules to rearrange into the same liquid crystalline structure as the Mother Water.
Somarka represents a revolutionary approach to treating water, with technology that has been developed in the Netherlands. Regular consumption of Somarka coherent water brings substantial health benefits. Further, it is complementary to prevalent methods of water purification.

Consumer survey to assess user experience

The Somarka team conducted a survey amongst its early users to ascertain authentic user feedback from regular use of the coherent water. The results were overwhelmingly positive!
  • 70% reported an improvement in their immunity
  • 73% felt that their digestion had improved
  • 72% felt they were more calm and less anxious
  • 87% reported that they felt the water to be fresher (and sweeter in taste) than regular water
  • 83% also reported that the water hydrates better, i.e. they needed less water through the day to feel satiated
Further, Somarka received a Net Promoter Score of 73, indicating that most customers are strong advocates of the product and are likely to active recommend Somarka to their friends and colleagues!
Madhusudan Rajagopalan, CEO of the company said “In India, there has always been a deep appreciation and respect for the power of water, as one of the five essential elements of nature. When we realize that 99% of our molecules are water, we begin to see water in a different light. Water is truly the key to our health, our immunity, our coherence and our connection to the harmonic rhythms of nature. Somarka offers this opportunity and that’s why we also call this ‘conscious water.”


Somarka has shown to bring about extraordinary changes in both physical and mental health. Some key health benefits of Somarka full-spectrum coherent water include:
  • Strengthen immune system – The company conducted scientific studies called GlycanAge that reveal the age of your immune system. These studies demonstrated that regular consumption of Somarka water has a strong positive impact on the health of your immune system, which then manifests as a lower biological age.
  • Brainwave synchronization – Somarka coherent water helps achieve equilibrium in brain waves. This has been seen through EEG readings taken after drinking Somarka coherent water.
  • Coherent mind and body – One is able to perceive things and connect to universal consciousness in a better way. That’s why Somarka water is also referred to as ‘conscious water’.
  • Increase in energy levels – Somarka coherent water has 300% more electrical capacity in comparison to normal water. This translates into increased energy levels for humans. Even plants showed the same upsurge in energy when they were watered with coherent water.
The product is currently available online on the company’s website ( The company is in the process of stitching tie-ups with distributors so that the product is available offline as well.
Somarka plans to make available its coherent water solutions for various other applications. For example, the company is currently developing a Coherent Water Pipe Fit product that can be installed in household water inlets, agricultural irrigation water lines, and even for specific industrial applications. Somarka will also be providing customized installations that will fulfill the needs of large-scale applications such as soil regeneration and water body remediation.
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