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How Does The Water You Drink Affect Your Body And Mind?

Water is the driving force of life. Nearly 99% of our body’s molecules are water-based, which means that the quality of the water we consume is critical to our health and well-being. For water to be beneficial to our system it needs to be balanced or ‘coherent’.


Contrary to common knowledge, the quality of water isn’t just restricted to its mineral content, pH levels, and purity. Did you know that water has a property where it absorbs and responds to both positive and negative energy? In fact, some scientists have described water as a broadband absorber of information.
Several ancient traditions have harnessed these inherent communicative properties of water in sacred rituals. Exposing clay pots and copper utensils to sunlight, or shifting frequencies of water through chants and consecration are some examples.
The double Nobel laureate, Linus Pauling has said that water rearranges its molecular arrangement to encode, transmit, and integrate new information, similar to storing ‘memory’. Thus, modern science is beginning to reaffirm many of these long-held theories and practices.

Factors such as pollution, radiation and even emotions can impact water and disturb its natural state, harming its communication potential within our bodies.


  • Drinking coherent water doesn’t just slow down the ageing process, but reverses it
  • Coherent water creates harmony, i.e. an equilibrium between the left and right halves of the brain. Further, brain tests have shown that coherent water has a calming effect on disturbed brain waves (due to mobile phone usage or other such external factors) within minutes of consumption.
  • This water is supercharged. It carries all the energy to our cells, rejuvenating and restoring our entire system.
  • Coherent water also has a protective effect. Its stability and structure resists the negative effects of unnatural manmade radiation.


Somarka full spectrum coherent water is a new development which converts ‘chaotic’ water into coherent water. This means that the water reaches its full communication potential. This water is structured in a crystalline form, where it receives positive, constructive information and rejects destructive, harmful information. The process has been developed through research on natural electromagnetic fields.
Somarka water is stable in its natural state, in a state of harmony with specific electromagnetic frequencies of nature.


Users have consistently described a feeling of freshness and lightness upon regular use of this water. It also has a profound effect on the coherence of the body and mind. The crystalline structure in this water opens up the pathways to making the body more conscious, more connected and more aligned internally. Moreover, over a period of just 3 months of usage of Somarka’s water, 99% of participants showed an incredible 4-year biological age reversal.
In addition to the immense benefits to human health, Somarka coherent water carries substantial potential in agriculture. Fruits and vegetables grown with this water have shown almost 50% higher energy storage capacity as well as longer shelf life. Consistent use of coherent water has also led to rejuvenation of soil and dramatic improvements in productive life of plants and hence their yields.


This technology is now available in India, with the product Somarka coherent water tube. This quartz crystal tube contains full spectrum coherent water that has been created naturally, without any chemical, electrical or magnetic aids. It is extremely simple to use – all you have to do is swirl this tube in a glass of water, and its properties are transferred, making your drinking water coherent. The tube can be reused with no need for any extra refills or recharges. The water in the tube is inherently stable in this full spectrum coherent structure and hence will continue to work for multiple years.
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