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Impact on water demand and strength of construction materials

Tests were done on cement paste and mortar to evaluate the impact of using full spectrum coherent water instead of normal water. Different cement pastes and mortars were made as per applicable engineering standards using a control sample and a test sample (with coherent water). Two different water amounts were also used in order to evaluate the effect on relevant properties such as water demand, setting time, bending and compressive strength development.
The results showed that with the use of coherent water, the cement paste and mortar achieved the same consistency with less water needed (over 8% lower). Further, the cement pastes and mortar using coherent water showed the same bending and compressive strength properties as the normal water.
somarka coherent water tube

Water demand in cement mortar - control vs treated

somarka coherent water tube

Compressive Strength

somarka coherent water tube

Bending Strength

Another Study

In another test conducted on bricks by a German manufacturer, using our coherent water greatly improved the structural strength of the brick material and the curing time of the product was accelerated. In effect, the bricks could be produced with a reduction of 15 to 25% in relative density, reducing waste and overall costs of production and transportation
somarka coherent water tube

Comparison of brick samples using regular water vs coherent water

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