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Brain Waves Synchronization

Impact of Brain Waves

While testing the influence of Somarka on brain waves, we noticed that, within half an hour of subjects drinking Somarka water, an equilibrium occurred, a balancing between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Using an EEG we noticed immediate positive effects of Somarka water in various parts of the brain. We also noticed that cellphone usage disturbs this delicate balance and creates disruptions in the brainwaves.
We gave Somarka water to cellphone users to drink to find out whether it would restore the balance – and, lo and behold, within just a couple of minutes of drinking the water, the balance got restored. We even tested the influence of Somarka water on severely disturbed brainwaves, and the EEG always showed a calming effect on the brain.
Somarka water creates harmony; it creates equilibrium in our bodies and our minds, and the part where it shows it the fastest is the brain.
We studied the brainwaves of two twins. In the experiment, one twin consumed regular water, and the other twin consumed coherent water. The experiment showed a change in delta and theta brainwaves in a twin that consumed coherent water after a single day. The treatment of a coherent water sample took place a few weeks prior to the experiment.Neither the participants nor the scientist conducting the experiment were informed which water sample was a coherent one.
A positive difference in the balance between the left and the right side of the brain in the twin consuming the coherent water was noticeable within a few hours of the initial consumption. The positive effect persisted for a while. Three weeks later, the other twin was asked to consume the coherent water, and the positive effect in balance was also visible. When the twin was consuming only the mineral water, tests showed no positive effect on the brain balance whatsoever. On the other hand, the consumption of coherent water showed a positive effect in both twins.
BrainWaves Synchronization
Recent tests measuring QEEG on six subjects (three of which consumed regular water, while the three consumed coherent water) indicated a positive change in the QEEG results in the subjects that consumed coherent water.
Another experiment that we conducted included an Alzheimer’s patient. The experiment lasted for 51 days. The brain scans showed that delta values were lower in the QEEG reports. The subject was asked to consume 3 glasses of coherent water each day. The Somarka coherent water tube was used weeks prior to turn water into coherent water. The subject noticed an increase in vitality and also reported less tiredness. Each following week an improvement of the brain wave was measured via the EEG test.
Though these tests are yet to be repeated for further statistical evaluation, the early indications on the potential benefits of coherent water on brain function are extremely positive. The subjects also confirmed that they noticed a difference after only a few days of consuming coherent water.
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